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Learn to motivate yourself

SelfMotivateSo, you've sat down to do your homework, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't get started. Read these motivation tips to help you get inspired.

You may find that you can’t wait to do some things, but others leave you yawning and bored.
If this sounds like you, then you need to find out what motivates you.

Read these motivation tips and try them out next time your motivation is flagging.

Avoid distractions

Switch off the mobile, messenger, use a website blocker and make sure that your work space is tidy and comfortable to keep you free from distractions.

Keep busy

Often, the busier we are, the more work we actually get done. This may not be true for everyone, but try keeping your brain and body active throughout the day and see if it makes a difference. Remember to make time to relax as well though.

Break things down into small chunks

You may lack motivation if you think the work you have to do is too big. Try breaking a big task down into manageable sections with a clear starting point. For example, you could start off brainstorming then plot the next stages. By making the work more manageable, you should find that your motivation returns.

Get feedback from those around you

Your motivation may flag if you are critical of yourself or lack confidence. Ask your teacher, friends or family for feedback about your work. The chances are you will receive lots of positive comments, which will remind you that you CAN do the work well and that your efforts are noticed.


Offering a reward is a tried and tested way to help people focus and work harder. Employers use it to motivate their workers and you could use it too. For example, if you complete a piece of work that you’re proud of or spend a specific amount of time on something, reward yourself with a break, a snack or something which you will appreciate. Remember though, your reward should be proportionate to the work you have put in. Rewarding yourself with a holiday in Barbados for doing an essay is not proportionate!

Learn to motivate yourselfSet yourself a life goal

Thinking about what you want out of life will help you gain a sense of perspective about your studies. So set yourself a career goal and keep it somewhere visible. Perhaps your goal is to go on to college, university or work. Then, each time your motivation flags you can remind yourself why you are studying.

Work with other people

If you work better with people around you, try studying with a friend or family member. Ensure your study partner is motivated, however. Studying with someone who will distract you will not improve your motivation.

Stop complaining and get on with it!

At the end of the day, there is no magic cure to help you enjoy everything. You might never want to finish your French homework. Sometimes, you just have to knuckle down and get stuck in. Usually, once you’ve made the first step, finishing the work becomes easier.

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