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Study techniques

Study techniquesWhen deadlines loom, the common reaction is to run and hide. But burying your head in the sand isn't going to get you those top marks.

Check out these tips for some useful techniques on how to work smarter:

  • Consider what you are learning and prioritise it so that you work on small chunks at a time. This way you will not feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done.
  • Think about when you work. Set a period of time, perhaps 40 minutes to an hour and work when you are at your most alert. For some this can be the morning.
  • Where will you be working? To study effectively, ideally you will need a quiet, organised study space. This could be in your bedroom or the library. Try to avoid noisy places with distractions such as bars and cafes.
  • How do you work best? Studying 24 hours a day won’t necessarily get you the grades as you brain will eventually switch off. Many students finding working in short blocks followed by regular breaks helps them to focus better.
  • Finally, if you feel you have worked hard, do not forget to reward yourself with an edible treat, a bit of television or a walk in the park. This will help motivate you and keep your morale up.

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