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Improve your memory

Improve your memoryTry these ways of varying your revision to help your mind remember information.

Play around with the memory techniques below and find out what works best for you. Remember, don’t be panicked by your classmate's pages of neatly written notes, revision is quite a personal skill, so you need to find your own individual learning style.

Make memory cards

Get some index cards from a stationers and write out questions on one side and answers on another – this way you can keep testing yourself wherever you are. This method is quite active because it forces you to summarise the information into short, yet comprehensible chunks. You won’t have enough space to simply copy out your notes again, which can be a bit too passive.

Word games

Use mnemonics (pronounced 'nem-onics'). This term means 'one thing helps you remember another'. The idea of mnemonics is to use a phrase that sticks in your mind to remind yourself of a more difficult point. An example of a famous mnemonic is the one used to remember the order of the points on the compass - N ever E at S hredded W heat becomes N orth - E ast - S outh - W est.

Find out more about different types of mnemonics and how to use them.

Mind maps

There are different ways to use diagrams, which can help you visualise information. One form is to start in the middle of the page with the main idea and then branch out into more detail using keywords, different colours and pictures. This is a good way to help you remember how different theories, people or events are linked together.

Sing your studies

If things are getting desperate, try to record yourself singing your revision notes to your favourite tune. Play it back a few times and see if you can remember the words. Too embarrassed to actually sing? Just listening to yourself talk through your revision notes might help you remember them better.