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What is maths?
What is mathematics? And what’s it got to do with logic? Watch this film to find out more. Mathematics is not just the study of numbers. It’s about...

Prime numbers
How many prime numbers are there, and why do some people call them the building blocks of numbers?

The metric system
How do we know how long a metre is? And who first decided how we would measure everything? Find out below.

What’s the difference between zero and nothing? And why did it take so long for mathematicians to ‘invent’ the number zero?

Arabic numerals
Around the year MCCII, we gave up on the Roman numeral counting system. Why? It is now universally accepted that our decimal numbers were invented in...

Applied vs. Pure Mathematics
If you want to keep studying maths , you might have to choose between applied and pure mathematics. But what’s the difference? The easiest way to think...

What is Maths Busking?
How can maths help you read minds or escape being tied up? Maths busker Katie Steckles has the answers. Can you quickly explain what Maths Busking is...

Calculus Explained
Calculus might sound intimidating, but it’s really just the mathematics of changing numbers. Read on to find out more. Imagine pushing a car up a hill...

Infinity Explained
Infinity is one of the most important ideas in maths – and one of the most confusing. Find out more about this mindbending idea. It’s easy to think...

Maths and physics
Maths can seem very abstract, but it's vital to our understanding of the world. Find out how maths and physics meet. Mechanics Physical systems can be...

Maths problems almost everyone gets wrong
We’ve all struggled with a maths problem we just couldn’t make sense of. But these deceptively simple teasers have fooled even the sharpest mathematicians.

How to be a mathemagician
Find out about a few simple magic tricks that reveal some of the hidden maths that makes the world go round.

Famous mathematicians: Emmy Noether
Find out why one of the 20th century’s most important mathematicians taught for years without being paid.

Cryptography explained
From state secrets to online shopping, cryptography is one of the most important applications of maths in the world today.

The Millennium Prize Problems
Find out why six unsolved maths problems are worth a million dollars each.

What measurements mean
What makes a metre a metre? And why does a lump of metal in Paris decide how much you weigh? Read on to find out.

Famous mathematicians: Ada Lovelace
Find out how this keen mathematician wrote the first computer program - before the first computer was built.

Famous mathematicians: Archimedes
Who was he? Archimedes of Syracuse (c.287BC–212BC) was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer. He is regarded as one of...

Famous mathematicians: Charles Babbage
Who was he? Charles Babbage was a nineteenth century English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and mechanical engineer. Why is he famous? Charles Babbage...

Famous mathematicians: Fibonacci
Who was he? Leonardo of Pisa (c.1170–c.1250), also known as Leonardo Pisano, Leonardo Bonacci, Leonardo Fibonacci, or, most commonly, simply Fibonacci,...

Famous mathematicians: George Boole
Who was he? George Boole was born in Lincoln on the 2nd of November 1815. His father was a tradesman who had no money, but an active mind. Boole was given...

Famous mathematicians: Grace Hopper
Who was she? Hopper received her PhD in mathematics from the university of Yale in 1934. She then began teaching mathematics and by 1941 she was an associate...

Famous mathematicians: Hertha Aryton
Who was she? Hertha Ayrton was an English engineer, mathematician and inventor who was born in 1854. She was one of the first women to study at Cambridge...

Famous mathematicians: Hypatia of Alexandria
Who was she? She lectured on mathematics and philosophy in Alexandria in Egypt, then under the control of Ancient Greece, where her eloquence, and modesty...

Famous mathematicians: Sophie Germain
Who was she? Sophie Germain was an influential French mathematician who made important contributions to differential geometry and number theory. She wanted...

What is statistics?
Statistics sheds light on the numbers and patterns behind the way the world works.