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Money saving secrets

If you need your money to go a long way, a bit of imagination can take it even further.

We asked the users of our Facebook page for their most unusual budgeting and money saving tips, and put them up for public vote and the chance to win a digital camera. Congratulations to University of Portsmouth student Si Jackson for her winning tip, and you can read some of the best of the rest below.

Make a shopping list, so that when you go to do your shopping you don’t buy stuff you don’t need. It saves impulse buying and in the end saves you money. Also make sure you are not hungry when you go shopping as it again causes impulse buying.

Si Jackson

Keep all small soap bars, heat them together in an old saucepan, take out and mould into shapes, let cool, and there you are - gorgeous recycled bars of soap!

Carole Symonds

Going to the hairdressers is just so expensive nowadays - costing about £40 for a cut and blowdry and up to £100 for a cut and colour. My tip is to ring on the day you would like to have your hair cut and ask for a stand-by appointment. Most hairdressers offer this service and a greatly reduced price - but don't always advertise that fact! At my hairdressers I can get a standby hair cut for £18 versus the normal £40. It really is worth enquiring about standby hair appointments!

Melissa Cannon

I always have oats - not a branded porridge- in the house. I love them for breakfast but they are also amazing when money is tight. Add a couple of handfuls to mince when cooking spag bol or shepherd’s pie - even home-made burgers - and the meat will go so much further. Don’t put it in too early or it will mush, but it must have enough time to take up the flavours of any sauce. And because you are eating less fatty meat it’s great for dieting too!

Minnie Whittaker

Never just spend a £2 coin – just tuck them away. They’re not a lot of money and so you won't miss it too much but they add up quickly to a nice rainy day fund if you need them.

Ashe TM

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