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Starting out as a mentor
Getting the right start to your mentoring relationship helps to make sure that you and your mentor get the most out of it.

The benefits of being a mentor
Hopefully, your mentee will get a lot of benefit out of your relationship - but there's lots in it for the mentor, too.

Dealing with challenges
Challenges arise in any mentoring relationship, but being prepared for them can help you to deal with them productively.

Meet the Experts
Find out more about the panel of mentors who have contributed their advice to the project.

Young people and anxiety
Find out how to recognise anxiety in your mentee and what you can do to help.

Helping your mentee at exam time
Find out how you can help your mentee during the exam season.

Mentoring skill: Active listening
Find out how active listening can help you to interact better with your mentee and others.

Young people and self-esteem
Find out how to work effectively with young people who have low self-esteem.

Mentoring skill: Giving constructive feedback
Find out how to make your feedback positive, confidence-building and clear.

Mentoring skills: Signposting
As a mentor, you aren't expected to know everything. Being able to point your mentees to other resources is just as important.

Young people and resilience
Resilience can turn a difficult experience into a chance to learn and grow. Find out how you can help a young person to develop it.