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Independent living: Basic household repairs

Getting your own place is a liberating experience. But it also means you will have more responsibilities, like looking after your new home. Read on to learn some DIY skills.

Once you have signed your tenancy agreement and collected the keys to your pad, most of the responsibility for looking after your new home falls to you.
This means if anything goes wrong you need to sort it out.

Things fall apart

Like any home, fixtures and fittings get damaged and will occasionally need fixing or repairing.
If there is a problem with something structural or essential in your home, for example, windows, doors, taps and radiators, you need to report it to your landlord or housing association, which should then deal with it.

Basic home repairs

Not all repairs need an expert to sort out. Things like fixing a blown fuse on your TV plug or unblocking a drain can be easily done if you have the know-how.

Wiring a plug

If an electrical appliance stops working, chances are the fuse has blown. Don’t fret, you won’t need to buy a new telly, just a new fuse.
Watch the youtube video above about replacing a fuse in a plug then test yourself with the fun game below.