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Should you stay or go?
Is it better to find a university or college near your family home or get a fresh start in a new environment? Here are some points to consider.

Preparing for university checklist
So, you've received an offer, aced the exams and are going to university. Don't just put your feet up. There are things you need to plan before you get there.

Freshers' week
Whether you're worried about the workload or making new friends, most students are nervous about starting university. Freshers' week is a great way to help you overcome these fears. Find out how to make the most of it.

Freshers' week survival guide
During your first week at university you may find things are a bit hectic. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and get off to a good start by reading...

Student Unions
Students’ unions can help you with everything from dealing with your landlord to getting a cheap drink. Read on to find out more.

Student clubs and societies
Clubs and societies are an important part of student life. They cater for nearly all tastes and interests, and can be one of the best ways of taking time away from study and meeting new people.

Long distance relationship advice
Moving away from home can be tough for anyone, but it can be doubly difficult if you’re leaving your boyfriend or girlfriend behind. However, the start...

Buying books and equipment
It's not all about paying the bills - a lot of your university cash will go on books and course equipment. Find out exactly how much you need to budget for.

Making the most of the summer before university
Whether you're a fresher-to-be or in between years, making the most of summer can make a big difference to your time at uni.

Strange student societies
You can probably find a student society for almost any interest you can think of – as well as some you might never have imagined.

Coping with parent pressure
Deciding about university means thinking about big changes not only for you, but also your family.

Student services
Student services are there to help you through your time at university – and into the world of work afterwards.

Making the most of Freshers' Fair
Freshers’ Fair is your chance to find out about university societies and pick up some freebies. Find out how to make the most of it.

Cycling at uni
Cycling can get you around quickly and cheaply while keeping you fit. Find out how to get started.