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Environmental careers

The EarthWant to save the world? Here are a few careers that can help the planet.


Many people think campaigning just means waving placards around in your spare time, but it can also be a career. Organisations like Friends of the Earth and 10:10 organize all kinds of campaigning activities, from encouraging people to write to MPs to eye-catching publicity stunts.

Campaigners need to be excellent communicators and have the imagination to come up with effective new ways to capture people's attention. As well as having a good understanding of environmental issues, you'll also need some experience - for example, taking part in campaigning at university or in your local area. This shows that you can do the job, and it also shows that you are passionate enough about the issues to do something about them.


If you've built up your expertise in an area, you can build a career sharing that expertise with others. A consultant is either self-employed or works for a consulting firm, helping other organisations who don't have anyone with the same kind of expertise working for them. Find out more about environmental consultancy.


There are many different areas where research can help the environment. A few examples include:

  • Scientific research can discover how big environmental problems are or test whether solutions work.
  • Sociological research can investigate why people pollute and how behaviour can change.
  • Economic research can look at ideas like carbon taxes or permit trading.

Research jobs could be at a university, requiring a PhD, or could be with a business, government or other organisation, usually requiring a degree.


From cleaner engines to waste disposal, technology can make a huge difference to the environment. Find out more about how engineers can help the environment.

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Thank you, this is a very useful page of information. I was just wondering if there were many careers in politics that combine the job of environmental scientist and diplomat. If so, what would the role entail?

Anjuli 3-8-12