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Routes into Engineering
There are lots of different ways into engineering. Find out more about your options with this guide.

What skills do I need for engineering?
As an engineer you’ll learn a lot of new skills that are specific to engineering and to your specialism, but there are some skills that are helpful for all engineers.

What kind of engineering is for me?
Interested in engineering but confused by specialisms? Take a look at our quick guide to engineering disciplines. Chemical Engineering Chemical engineering...

Grants, bursaries and scholarships for engineers
There’s plenty of extra funding out there for engineering students – but you need to know where to look. Bursaries and Scholarships Most universities...

Engineering apprenticeships
Why choose an engineering apprenticeship? There are four different kinds of engineering – chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical – but each of...

Studying electronic engineering
Gadget lover Stephen English, is studying electronic engineering. He explains how you can develop the skills you need to think like an engineer. What...

Studying civil engineering
Neil Carter reflects on student life and the skills you need in the world of work.

Studying biochemical engineering
Brenda Parker is a biochemical engineer in the middle of her postgraduate studies. She describes how she came to study engineering and why her work helps...

Studying manufacturing engineering
Natalie Davies talks to us from a work placement in Trinidad about her life as an engineering student at Cambridge University. When did you decide to...

Why do an apprenticeship in Boat Building and Maintenance?
When Jacob Stimpson signed up for a boat building apprenticeship, he never imagined it would take him round the world, working solo on yachts. What work...

Why do an apprenticeship in Plumbing?
Kirsten Moran joined TRECO, a biomass heating system company, to get office experience. Three years later, she found herself working as a qualified heating...

Studying product design
Lai Chiu Tang is on the verge of starting her career as a product designer. Here she describes her course and the media frenzy surrounding her final...

Why do an apprenticeship in Electrotechnical Services?
Apprentice Paul Derrick shows that it’s never too late to start an apprenticeship. pHe took a few years out after school to think about what to as a...

Apprenticeship Stories: Adam Yates, Balfour Beatty
Adam Yates is a draughtsperson at Balfour Beatty and was a finalist for Engineer of the Year. Find out how he got there – and how you can follow in his footsteps.

Apprenticeship Stories - Joann Eley, Balfour Beatty
Joann Eley is an apprentice in the drawing office at Balfour Beatty. Find out how she got started, and where she's going next. What work are you doing...

Outside the lecture theatre: Presentations and lab work
Although there’s a lot of theory to learn, engineering is all about finding practical solutions to real-world problems. Find out how to succeed beyond...

Moving on from FE Engineering
Whether you want to go to university or head straight into work, find out the fundamentals about what you need to do next.

Engineering Diploma explained
The Engineering Diploma gives you a chance to focus on engineering from 14-19 while still getting a well-rounded education.

Ask an Expert: Degree Sponsorship
Dave Thorn received sponsorship for his degree from Parsons Brinkcherhoff. Find out what it involved and how he benefitted.

Postgraduate engineering
Postgraduate engineering courses can boost your employment prospects, develop your skills or get you started on a research career.

Studying engineering abroad
Engineering offers many opportunities to work abroad, and studying abroad first can open up even more.

Engineering events
Engineering is all about getting things done in the real world, so adding these events to your studies can be a valuable experience.