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Choosing the right university for you: Location

When thinking about where to study, it's worth considering rural vs city locations. Read on to find out more.

As long as you’ve got a library and somewhere to go to lectures, surely it’s all the same right?

Actually, a university’s location can make a huge difference on what you get out of university life.

City universities

City universities have a very different feel to institutions located in rural areas. When choosing between the two consider the cost of accommodation and travel and the socialising opportunities.

Remember, if you get tired of your normal student bars, there’s no shortage of new places to hang out in a city!

Rural universities

Campus universities are institutions where all facilities are located on one or several sites.

Because the university buildings cover a smaller area, you’re more likely to bump into your mates at a campus university.

Depending on the size of the area, you’re also less likely to get lost on a campus and, if you’re lucky, your accommodation will be closer to lectures- useful for those early morning starts!

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location matters but make sure you're in the program you want!

Bob 3-10-11