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Top 10 weirdest jobs

Top 10 weirdest jobsSo you want a career that's a little bit different? Look no further. We've compiled a list of the wackiest jobs going. Try these on for size!

1: Zombie, witch or ghoul!

Whilst most of these jobs will be seasonal only (Hallowe’en), scary tourist attractions, such as the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, will advertise for full-time actors to dress up and scare their customers. You get your make and hair done for you too - so it’s a real scream of a job!

2: Watch paint dry

You may have heard some people say they’d “rather watch paint dry” than do something they don’t want to do. Well, if they really mean it the opportunity is there – studying the drying time and effects of paint as a full-time job for a paint manufacturer.

3: Laughter therapist

They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. If that’s true then a career as a laughter therapist should be an easy ride. In this job a laughter therapist must do their best to make people laugh their way to a better life.
Perfect for any budding clowns out there!

4: Vermiculturist (Worm farmer)

It’s meant to be a sign of good soil if you see a lot of happy worms. They’re also great for doing rotting substances into plant friendly compost. Vermiculturists manage whole farms dedicated to managing worms as they do exactly that. Be warned- this job isn’t for the squeamish!

5: Onion grader

Are the onions in your fridge good quality? Well they should be as they’ve probably been checked by an onion grader. The job usually involved sorting onions to make sure the right ones end up on in the right product on supermarket shelves.

6: Golf Ball marshal

We often see people hitting golf balls into the distance but we don’t really see people picking them up. That’s where the golf ball marshal comes in.
The job involves clearing the green of stray balls for the next golfers to enjoy.

7: Odour tester

The job of an odour tester is an important one and requires a fairly sensitive nose. How else can we trust them to ensure our deodorants and anti-perspirants have the right whiff to stop us smelling of the wrong one?

8: Hair boiler

We don’t exactly know why hair needs to be boiled other than to make it curly. Whether it then ends up as hair extensions or knitted into a scarf we’re not quite sure but it definitely meets the weird job criteria!

9: Dice inspector

In the gambling world, millions can be lost at the roll of a faulty dice. With that in mind, the job of a dice inspector is an important one, making sure each die is in proportion, with all the right angles and blemish free.

10: Cartoon people/Mascots

Ever dreamed of being Cinderella or Peter Pan? Well, theme parks like Disney Land and Thorpe Park are as close as you can get to making it a reality. Here they’ll give you the full costume and set you free to greet visiting tourists as if you were the real deal!

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