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Career profile: Financial adviser

A what?

A financial adviser advises clients on the best way to invest and manage their money.

What do financial advisers do?

Financial advisers can perform a variety of tasks, depending on the type of client and account that they are working with. Advisers are responsible for researching the marketplace, analysing stocks, and keeping tabs on clients’ investments. They are also in charge of preparing financial reports for clients, generating risk analyses, and providing investment recommendations for clients tailored to their financial status and individual desires. Advisers may also work closely with solicitors or estate agents if property is one of the possessions being managed.

What’s it like to work as a financial adviser?

Some advisers work independently from the comforts of their homes, while others are retained by large banking or financial companies, and operate out of an office, working typical 9-5 hour days. The average salary for a financial adviser is anywhere from£15,000 to £30,000 initially, with wages increasing as experience grows.

How do I become a financial adviser?

Individuals interested in becoming financial advisers are encouraged to hold a bachelor’s degree, though it does not necessarily need to be in business or finance. They should also have strong communication, numerical, and negotiating skills. Discretion is a valued quality as well: much of clients’ financial material is personal, so confidentiality is a must. Additionally, much of the training, experience, and support needed to become an adviser is provided to trainees at large firms. More information about the qualifications necessary can be found here.

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