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My job explained: Assurance and forensic associate
Chloe is a forensic accountant (sometimes called a ‘forensic auditor’) for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. We caught up with her to find out why she likes her job.

My job explained: Client relationship manager
Fancy working with high-powered clients to help their businesses grow? Debbie Wilckens gives us the lowdown on the challenges and rewards in keeping clients happy.

My job explained: Chief financial officer
Chief financial officer for Grey Healthcare Group in the UK, Didier Faure, explains why a busy job in an international organisation is just up his street.

My job explained: Commercial underwriter
Working in insurance, Matthew Flynn needs to work out which risks are worth taking.

My job explained: Company president
Chris Brinsmead, president of pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca UK, talks about what inspires him to wake up each morning and provides some insider tips for making it big in business.

My job explained: Corporate banking director
Do you like hard work and a fast-paced lifestyle? Read on as Andrew Man describes what life is like working in the City.

My job explained: Country manager
Rumbi Pfende reveals how her powers of persuasion and sense of fun made her a major player in computer games marketing.

My job explained: Financial director
Want a surefire route into a range of businesses? Jim Heron explains why a training in accountancy will make employers sit up and take notice.

My job explained: Financial product controller
Stephen is a product controller for an investment bank. Read on as he explains how a head for numbers and a brain for business can add up to a big money career.

My job explained: Human resources manager
Deborah Jeffries talks about her job as a Human resources manager and why she enjoys "really making a difference to the environment that people work in".

My Job Explained: Independent Financial Advisor
Jordan Batchelar is an Independent Financial Advisor at Northwood Symonds.

My job explained: Junior accountant
Want to explore the world? Jean-Paul Kabagambe explains how becoming a chartered accountant can open up new horizons.

My job explained: Logistics centre manager
As a Logistics centre manager in the aerospace industry, Craig Bentley makes sure that the businesses on the ground run as smoothly as the planes in the sky.

My job explained: Management consultant
Every business needs goals, and Sara Douglas is the woman that helps them get there.

My job explained: Sales and marketing co-ordinator
Emmanuel Nelson showed entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. Read on to discover why a life in business is so rewarding and get some top tips on getting your dream job.

My job explained: Tax accountant
Georgina Woods explains her career as a tax accountant.

Career profile: Accountant
Do you have a good head for numbers and would you have the confidence to manage a company’s finances? Accountancy is a great career and rewards the dedicated.

Career profile: Actuary
Are you good with numbers and able to explain your sums to people who find maths more difficult?

Career profile: Auditor
An auditor is a type of accountant. They are responsible for checking that business accounts have been properly prepared and meet legal requirements.

Career profile: Brand manager
Why is Coca-Cola instantly recognised all over the world? Would you like to create an identity for an organisation that everyone remembers? If so, being a brand manager may be the job for you.

Career profile: Business adviser
Business advisers or consultants give independent advice and support to help new businesses to start up, and to encourage established small and medium-sized businesses to grow and develop.

Career profile: Financial adviser
A financial adviser advises clients on the best way to invest and manage their money.

Career profile: Fund manager
Fund managers work with clients (either wealthy individuals or companies) to invest their money in shares and bonds, with the hope that it will increase in value over time.

Career profile: Human resources officer
Do you like working with people and making the best of their talents? Human resource (or HR) officers are in charge of recruiting staff, looking after their interests and in some cases, firing them.

Career profile: Insurance broker
Are you good at assessing risk? Insurance brokers help their clients to get good value insurance cover.

Career profile: Investment analyst
Are you a fast thinker and able to communicate your understanding of a subject to other people? Working as an investment analyst could provide the challenge you need as well as a generous salary.

Career profile: Management consultant
Management consultants are often bought into organisation to make them more efficient and (if it’s a business) to help them make more money.

Career profile: Marketing executive
Are you confident and good at promoting ideas in an imaginative way? If so, marketing could be the career path for you!

Career profile: Operational researcher (management scientist)
If you're good at problem solving and want to work with a variety of clients, then consider a career as an operational researcher.

Career profile: Public affairs consultant
Interested in politics and great at communicating? If so, you could be in demand as a public affairs consultant.

Career profile: Stockbroker
Are you a natural at wheeling and dealing? Do you like a fast-paced lifestyle? Find out more about the life of a stockbroker.

Career profile: Trader
Fancy life in the fast lane? Traders can make and lose huge amounts of money in minutes. Could you handle the pressure?

Consultancy work experience
Work experience, often referred to as an internship, is always the best way to get a feel for how day-to-day life on a job will be.

What skills do I need to become a manager?
Setting your sights on management level is a good way to ensure your career develops. Find out what skills you'll need to get to prove you're management material.

What skills do I need to make it in finance?
So, you may know that you need to be analytical and academic but what personal skills will give you the edge if you’re to be successful in finance?

Why do an apprenticeship in Business Administration?
20-year-old Hannah Burns explains what it's like doing the Business Administration apprenticeship.